Christmas Dinner Recipes


I’ve decided to help take the hassle out of cooking your Christmas dinner by sharing some of my favourite recipes and tips for the day.

The secret to cooking for a large number or just cooking a lot of dishes for one meal is without doubt preparation.

My top tips for Christmas dinner cooking are:

  1. First things first write your Christmas dinner menu.
  2. Shop for all the ingredients about three days in advance and store correctly.
  3. Most desserts can be made in advance. Get ahead and make the desserts 2-3 days ahead of the 25th. Store in the fridge or frozen once cooked and cooled.
  4. Prepare all the vegetables the night before and store in ziploc bags in the fridge.
  5. Ask for help! The kitchen should be an enjoyable place of creativity on Christmas day not a source of frustration and panic. Even just having someone on hand to do the wash-up is such a help.
  6. Breathe and enjoy the occasion! Have a glass of wine whilst cooking. Put on your favourite Christmas album or film in the background. You can easily get caught in the trap of perfection that you miss out on enjoying the day with all your loved ones.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and here are a few dishes I will be tasting come the 25th!!

Christmas Dinner Starters – Stuffed dates wrapped in streaky bacon are delish. Read on for more Christmas dinner starter recipe ideas.

Christmas Dinner Trimmings – For me Christmas dinner is all about the trimmings. Tuck into some Roast Hasselback Potatoes or Roast Honey & Cider Brussel Sprouts plus many more.

Roast Hasselback Potatoes; Delalicious


Christmas Dinner Desserts – Try something new like a White Chocolate, Raspberry & Cranberry Cheesecake or Mini Santa Chocolate Puddings.cheesecake

Happy cooking,


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