Cono Sur Food Blogger Final 

Today I will have the opportunity to represent Ireland in this years Cono Sur Food Blogger competition grand final in Paris; where six countries cook-off for the title. Thirteen Irish entrants became three via the results of a public vote. Then I was lucky enough to be chosen as the overall Irish winner by a judging panel that included the Chilean Masterchef Chris Carpentier. The dish that I entered and will be cooking today is Tuscan Style Baked Cod. Be sure to try what could be the overall winning dish at home!!


  1. Hey there Sinead, it’s Kellie and Dave from Paris. We never got to say goodbye to you and Mary. It was such a pleasure to meet you two and spend such a great day together at L’Atelier des Sens. Despite the evening events I wanted to thank you both for your comradeship, Dave and I had so much fun. Your dish looked and tasted delicious just like your blog title ha,ha.
    We hope you stay in touch and that you are both well after the adventure.
    Best wishes to you both,
    Kellie from Princess and the Yard Ape.

    1. Hi Kellie, it was a pleasure to meet both yourself & Dave last weekend. It was a such a great experience for everyone that I have no doubt will live long in all our memories. Both myself & Mary arrived safely back in Ireland, hope you enjoyed your remaining time in Paris as much as possible.
      Best of luck & continued success with your blog & all your ventures. I’ll be following it all through your blog; if you ever happen to visit Ireland make sure to get in touch.

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