Eat The Season – Apple

Apples are one of my first and most cherished food memories!

As I hope you know, apples begin their season in Ireland in Autumn. Autumn is usually the time that schools return and hence why apples are so vivid in my food and childhood memories.

School years brought lots of change to my life – new friends, new surroundings, new emotions and new learnings from both mistakes and success! Intertwined throughout all this change was the constant of apples. The memory of eagerly running across the lawn with my brothers every morning before school to pick an apple to put in our lunchbox. Or as a teenager, Mam sneaking apples into our bags to keep us fueled throughout the day.

Apples are incredibly versatile, come in plenty of different varieties so there is a variety for all. They also grow great in Ireland so I guarantee you, an orchard, a tree or a shop/market/grower near you will have tons of apples from now until Christmas (you can keep them fresh stored in a cool place) so keep your eyes peeled!

So apart from eating an apple whole…which is delicious! Give these epic apple recipes a go!!

  1. I really need to make a batch of these Sticky Cinnamon Apple Muffins soon!! The topping is amazing on its own and is heavenly on top of pancakes, granola or some thick plain yoghurt as a quick dessert.
Sticky Cinnamon Apple Muffins; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

2. Low and slow is the answer to making this Crunchy Apple & Seed Granola. Patience will reward you magnificently well though so the wait will be worth it!

Crunchy Apple & Seed Granola

3. If you really have a lot of apples on your hands or have had enough of baking with them! Then preserve them as gifts or for later use with my Spiced Apple & Ginger Chutney.

Spiced Apple & Ginger Chutney; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

4. These Cinnamon & Apple Crumble Squares are moreish, buttery, “taste of Christmas” as one of my colleagues commented and are utterly easy.

Cinnamon & Apple Crumble Squares; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

5. This Winter Spiced Apple Tart has a serious “Christmas” vibe too. Packed with warming spices, eating or cooking apples can be used and the tart crust is foolproof….I promise!!

Winter Spiced Apple Tart; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

6. Last but not least, one of my most recent recipes are these Apple & Pecan Cookies!! Make them even more seasonal by adding in some blackberries.

Apple & Pecan Cookies; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

Find even more apple recipes here!

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