Eat The Season: Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts must be the most polarising item of food on the Christmas dinner table!!

They are just little cabbages people!! Unfortunately sprouts are most often boiled to within an inch of their lives and are then tasteless and mostly just soggy….I can see why people don’t like them.

Eat The Season: Brussel Sprouts; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

So that’s why I’ve rounded up my pick of the best sprout recipes I have with a few suggestions from some of my readers too!

Trust me on this, brussel sprouts can be amazing so give these recipes a go and be mesmerised by how could they can taste.

Asian Sprout & Sesame Salad

Ginger and sesame are my two favourite Asian flavours that infuse sprouts into very tasty veg. Parboiling brussel sprouts is the secret to prevent soggy sprouts on your plate too.Asian Sprout & Sesame Salad; Delalicious

Tips from My Readers

  • Shredded brussel sprouts with smoky bacon lardons and topped with parmesan.
  • Add maple syrup to the brussel sprouts before roasting in the oven.
  • Shredded brussel sprouts with garlic, chilli and soy sauce.

Honey & Cider Roasted Sprouts

Mix some cider and honey together before adding to a mix of Winter veg – use carrots, parsnips, celeriac, turnip or squash alongside your sprouts. Make sure to leave out the bacon lardons if you are having any veggies or vegans to your table.Roast Cider Sprouts; Delalicious

Sesame Sprout Salad

Sure there is a little bit of chopping involved in this salad recipe but the results are so tasty. By thinly slicing your sprouts, the marinade gets soaked up really easy and literally softens and almost cooks the sprouts a little.Sesame Sprout Slaw; Delalicious

Bulgur Wheat, Sprout & Beetroot Traybake

Fill your plate with tons of Winter veg colour with this recipe. Roasting sprouts is the easiest and my favourite way to cook them. I also discovered the easiest way to cook grains in the this recipe. Honestly I don’t lie here, this will change how you cook grains forever!! Bulgur Wheat, Sprout & Beetroot Traybake; Delalicious; Sinead Delahunty

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