#exerciseforlent #Delalicious

As I’m hoping most of you feasted on some pancakes yesterday, I’m sure many of you pondered the question “So what am I going to give up for Lent?”. The usual answer is sweets, chocolate, drink etc. Then the next 40 days and nights are spent trying to avoid these items and feeling bad when you do succumb to temptation. To be honest I don’t like the whole notion and concept of giving up something or banning something from your diet so I normally try to take up something.

This Lent I’m taking up exercise! Yes very simple and something you probably might think I get enough of but since I’ve started travelling in December my regular exercise routine has disappeared. In work I’m normally on my feet all day treating patients as a Physiotherapist before going to football training or gym sessions. All my fitness and strength training is planned by my coaches so I really don’t have to think about any of it, just follow the plan and push myself as hard as possible at training. Read more here.

Here’s an update on how my Lenten promise is progressing. #exerciseforlent #Delalicious
Remember exercise doesn’t just have to happen every first of January or Lent, the hardest thing to do is start but once you do it will get easier and you will have taken the first step. This step may have to be repeated a few times but you will have already taken it so just keep moving forward.