The Forgotten Asian Cuisine

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Local Dublin food blogger Sinéad Delahunty aka Delalicious took on some of the finest Asian food establishments available through Just Eat and here is how she got on.

The 2017 Chinese or Lunar New Year celebrates the year of the chicken. Did you know that this New Year celebration isn’t just a part of Chinese culture but widely celebrated throughout Asia and India with a variety of celebrations? I have fortunately traveled throughout Thailand, Vietnam, India and Taiwan witnessing first-hand how food is embedded in Asian and Indian life and culture. The hustle and bustle of their food markets, the melting pots of street food vendors and the brilliant chaos of heaving tables of set dinner menus are a sight to behold. For this review I have then decided to showcase some of the forgotten Asian and Indian cuisines of the world.

Indian food can sometimes be stereotyped with the likes of Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken. However much of traditional Indian cuisine is rooted in vegetarian dishes cooked with gentle spices. Kerala Kitchen who have long been on the food market and festival trail in Ireland, now have their own premises which combines a takeaway and restaurant offering some sensational Indian dishes. I simply couldn’t choose from the menu so thankfully the option of a taster menu existed. The menu consists of four half main portions with rice and naan which included Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Nadan, Goan Prawn and Chana Saag- a wonderful mix of chickpeas and spinach.

Indian Food in Ireland

Thai food has become very popular over the last few years as more and more people travel there to explore the culture and enjoy one or two nights of Full Moon Party celebrations. Saba is my favourite Thai restaurant and takeaway in Dublin and the menu groans with fresh flavours. They have a large selection of curries, salads, noodle dishesand have even added a paleo menu. After much consideration I selected the Asian Super-food Salad filled with chargrilled chicken dressed in a citrus sauce and the Caveman Chicken Curry – think butternut squash, sweet potato, bok choy and broccoli in a red curry sauce.

Thai Food in Ireland

Seafood and sushi are what comes to mind with Japanese cuisine. Aoki Sushi provides just that with their Aoki Sushi Selection of sushi nigiri, sushi maki and hosomaki. Fresh fish, delicate flavours and artistically rolled sushi is the result – perfect for sharing as a starter or main meal.

Japanese Food in Ireland

Koreans are known for their love of pork, barbeques and kimchi. HaiLan Korean Restaurant offer all three and I chose to sample their Korean Spicy Pork Ribs – the ribs are steamed so might not to be everyone’s liking and the Kimchi Pancake – Korean style with kimchi and vegetables is similar to an omelette. Kimchi is simply fermented vegetables and linked to gut health and one of the most fashionable super foods at the moment.

Korean Food in Ireland

The cuisine of Sherpa’s is heavily influenced by Indian food so think rice, spice and plenty of coconut milk. Kathmandu Kitchen uses just those ingredients expertly well and I chose a lusciously creamy coriander infused Himalayan Chicken Curry, a lightly spiced Kauli Aloo of cauliflower and potato and Mo:Mo – Nepalese steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken and a ginger garlic paste. The curries and Aloo were the winners for me and I literally licked the bowl clean as the sauces are too delicious for words!!

Nepalese Food in Ireland

As you may have seen from my first review, I love Vietnamese food. The combination of fresh ingredients and light and delicate flavours result in food not only good for your hunger but also your senses. Jolin’s Vietnamese Coffee House is my go-to for Vietnamese food in Dublin and this time I selected a traditional Beef Pho – perfect for a cold and wet evening after work or when you’re feeling a bit rundown and my favourite Prawn Fresh Summer Roll with possibly the most delicious peanut dipping sauce imaginable. Thank god for eating takeaways at home as again the sauce dish was licked clean!

Vietnamese Food in Ireland

As I said the focus of this review was on discovering and sampling other Asian cuisines and Indian cuisines but if you do fancy a Chinese. Ly Garden was crowned not only Best Chinese Takeaway but also Best Asian and Best Takeaway in Ireland at this year’s Just Eat Takeaway Awards so it must be good.

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