Happy, Healthy salads for all Seasons

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First things first, I love healthy salads!! It’s not just because I like healthy food. I love the different tastes and textures that a salad can combine; the crisp crunch of lettuce, the sweetness of a juicy tomato, the soft texture of some smoked salmon or slow-roasted meat, the refreshing infusion of mint and coriander all tossed together in a taste bud tantalising dressing. I could easily live on salads everyday as there are a million different possibilities and you can easily bulk them up by adding some grain or some potato wedges to the side to keep you feeling fuller for longer. I also love nothing more than a soup and salad combo for lunch whilst eating out.

As you know, salads can easily turn from a glorious creation to a soggy wilted mess and the thought of ordering a take-away salad might be one filled with apprehension. I promise fear not, not one salad I ordered was anywhere near wilted and most came with the dressings on the side which is great, as there is nothing as bad as a salad drowned in a sauce!

So here, are my favourite salads to date ordered online using the Just Eat app. Get ordering for lunch or dinner or create a park picnic and soak up some of this seasons great weather.

Staple Foods

  • Staple Foods – Staple Foods have a great selection of salads but my favourite has to be the Jerk Chicken Salad. Which is a glorious tower of celeriac and carrot slaw heaped onto a bed of rice and beans topped with shredded jerk chicken and chilli jam….you wouldn’t even realise it was a salad!!


  • Maia – Slow Roasted Moroccan Spiced Lamb Salad which combines bulgur wheat, raisins and the most tender lamb imaginable. They also have a great Raw Salad that is bursting with colour and flavour.

Hobarts Restaurant

  • Hobarts Cafe – the Mediterranean Salad is an awesome competitor to Staple Foods Jerk Chicken. This salad combines grilled courgettes, sun-blush tomatoes, feta cheese, pine nuts, finger-licking pesto and these little crispy potato bits which are just divine!! They also do great backed potatoes for anyone fond of the spud and they come with a side-salad. You can also get them topped with lots of delicious toppings.

Póg Restaurant

  • Póg – as you know one of my favourite places for a brunch from my Healthy Week review. I also spotted they did salads so had to put them to the taste-test too and thank god I did. They offer a large selection of salads and I couldn’t decide so finally chose the Tropical Vegan Salad and added smoked salmon as an extra…..I know I wouldn’t make a great vegan!!

Cornucopia Restaurant

  • Cornucopia – a well-known mecca for vegans, vegetarians, free from eaters and wholefood lovers so it had to make the salad review. The salad menu is divided into different daily plates – vegan, free from, gluten free and then individual portions of each salad so great for all. I chose the Daily Salad Plate with a side of hummus which included green leafy salad, sprouted bean salad and a slaw.

Green Beards

  • Green Beards– they know how to do healthy salads and present them beautifully in glass jars with all the items separated, so perfect for eating on the go, or picking up on the way to or from work. I chose the Quinoa, Chickpea and Aubergine Salad.

As this is the last in the series of reviews by our favourite food blogger Delalicious for now, we hope you have discovered the healthy side of takeaways.

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