A taste of the Middle East in Dublin

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Middle Eastern food, culture and cuisine really intrigue me. The wonderful use of delicate spices, yoghurt, grains and pulses in their dishes makes my belly grumble with hunger. I would love to know how the creator of hummus decided to turn the humble and not so good-looking chickpea into the most wonderful and velvety dip.

The culture and experience of mezze is also a must if you haven’t already tried it. A mezze is basically the combination of lots of different Middle Eastern food elements shared in a platter amongst a group or by yourself once you reduce the portion sizes appropriately!! Think of that time we all have experienced when your fellow diner orders something that is much nicer than yours and a little bit of food jealousy sets in as the waiter places the plates on the table. Now there is no need to be jealous as you all get to experience the same food, my idea of heaven!

So why not make your own mezze at home with a selection of these Middle Eastern dishes available to order online with Just Eat from some of Dublin’s finest Middle Eastern emporiums.

Rotana Café

Damascus Gate

·         Middle Eastern restaurant in Dublin 2

·         Reviews – 5/6 (59 votes)

·         Speciality dish – Baba Ghanouj

The centre of juicy fire roasted aubergines scooped out and mixed with spices and tahini. Dip some bread in and you’re all set on your mezze journey. Moussaka – again an aubergine based dish similar to a lasagne. Rotana’s version breaks the mould by not topping it with cheese and instead serving it with rice, just as nice and a little bit healthier.

Damascus Gate


·         Lebanese restaurant in Dublin 2

·         Reviews – 5.5/6 (60 votes)

·         Speciality dish – Hummus Awarma

Think of the most velvety smooth hummus, drizzled in oil and spices and topped with lean lamb mince. Damascus Kibbeh – lamb stuffed bulgur wheat shapes with a light cucumber and yoghurt salad – the salad is beautifully light and refreshing.


Jerusalem Restaurant in Dublin

·         Middle Eastern takeaway in Dublin 2

·         Reviews – 5/6 (123 votes)

·         Speciality dish – stuffed falafel

This is now a ‘thing’ and I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before! The best way to try it is with a Falafel Platter which combines a variety of falafels, tabbouleh salad and of course hummus.


Middle Eastern Dish in Dublin

·         Lebanese restaurant on Camden Street

·         Reviews – 5/6 (30 votes)

·         Speciality dish – Fatayer El Sabanikh

Melt in your mouth little pastry parcels filled with spinach and herbs and Waraq Enab –  vine leaves stuffed with delicate spices, herbs and onions. Vine leaves mightn’t sound like the most appetising things in the world but just give them a go and you’ll be quickly converted!

Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel Middle Eastern Restaurant

·         Middle Eastern Restaurant in Dublin

·         Reviews – 6/6 (5 votes)

·         Speciality dish – Grilled Halloumi Cheese Sandwich

One of the latest additions to the Just Eat family, Umi have been whipping up delicious Middle Eastern fare for years to the ravenous folk of inner city Dublin. Perfect for a feast on the go or for a midweek office lunch delivery. My favourites to order are the Tabbouleh Salad, the Grilled Halloumi Cheese Sandwich and obviously their namesake the Falafel. Whether you get the falafel in a wrap, as part of a meal or just alongside some tahini dip you are in for a treat!

Where is your favourite place to eat Middle Eastern food? Try out our wide range of Lebanese takeaways and Middle Eastern restaurants serving the best cuisine near you.

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