Just BEET it!!!

Beetroot is one of those vegetables that either you love, hate or think you hate! I would of been a proud member of the “think you hate” group until suddenly beetroot became very trendy and it’s wondorous super powers for athletes became known. As an athlete, you are always trying to get the edge on your opponent so I obviously was intrigued and had to try it. My first taste was THE JUICE…..if you like to drink soil, by all means drink up! My second taste was pickled, sour and tangy but certainly better than the first, I decided to keep tasting. Third time lucky, pre-packed beetroot….simply delicious!! Now a firm constant on my weekly shopping list, I like to grate or chop it into salads; bake in the oven with root vegetables; add to falafel; mix with your fruit for non-soil like juices or add to hummus. It really is a versatile vegetable, so please try and BEET your previous hatred and try some of my ideas below!


Beetroot Brownies – I must give credit to Natural Born Feeder for introducing me to these; once you try you won’t go back. Smooth, chocolately and gooey what more do you want!

Beetroot Stew – nothing is more comforting on a frosty, winter night than a big steaming boil of stew.Works great with a roasted chicken breast, pork chop or cod fillet served on top a bed of quinoa and green steamed veg.

Beetroot, Hazelnut and Orange Salad – a citrusy salad that makes a great side dish to quiches, filo pastry tartlets or simply served with some spinach.

  • 2 large beetroots (pre-packed or boiled yourself)
  • 1 large carrot (peeled)
  • 1 satsuma/mandarin orange (peeled and segments halved)
  • juice of 1/2 an orange
  • a handful of roasted hazelnuts

Simply grate the beetroot and carrot. Mix through the orange segments and juice. Toss the roasted hazelnuts over and serve.

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